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Can I join more than one Specialty Practice Section (SPS)?

Yes, NASW has 11 Specialty Practice Sections: Administration/Supervision; Aging; Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Child Welfare; Children, Adolescents and Young Adults; Health; Mental Health; Private Practice; School Social Work; Social Work and the Courts and Social and Economic Justice & Peace.

How much does it cost to join a Specialty Practice Section?

SPS membership is $35 per year per section.

Can I join a Specialty Practice Section without being a member of NASW?

You must be a member of NASW in order to join a Specialty Practice Section.

Do the Sections offer publications?

There are three SPS social work publications: Section Connection, the award-winning practice-specific newsletter InterSections in Practice, the award-winning bulletin eConnection, the timely electronic update on social work practice developments

Do the Sections offer continuing education opportunities?

Members can earn FREE CEs via webinars and InterSections in Practice, bulletin.

What other benefits are offered?

24/7 member-only Web site access Distance learning opportunities, and resource center

How do I join a Specialty Practice Section?

To join a Specialty Practice Section, click here:

I would like information about the ATOD Specialty Certification, the School Social Work Specialist Certification, or the Case Management Specialty Practice Certification. How can you help me?

The NASW Credentialing Center provides these benefits for NASW members. You may click here for more information about NASW Credentials and NASW Specialty Certifications Program.

How do I obtain information about the ACSW?

Like the Specialty Certifications, the ACSW, QCSW and DCSW are all credentials available to NASW members through the Credentialing Center.

If I join a Section, will I be able to receive NASW journals (such as, Children & School) free or is there a discount because I am a section member?

Journals can be purchased separately though NASW Press. For more information on journals, other publications, special offers and discounts provided by the NASW Press, please go to NASW Press.

I have a change of address. Whom do I notify?

NASW's Membership Services handles all address changes. You may contact (800) 742-4089 for assistance. Address corrections, along with name and NASW I.D. number, can be sent by e-mail to; by fax to (202) 336-8331, ATTN: Membership Services; or by mail to NASW, ATTN: Membership Services, 750 First Street, N.E., Suite 800, Washington, DC 20002-4241.

All requests for label/list rentals are made through INFOCUS Marketing. Organizations or individuals desiring to rent labels should contact 800-708-LIST (5478) x3250 or

Whom should I contact with questions or concerns about Sections?

If you have a question or concern in connection with Sections, you can email for assistance.

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