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An article about the enrollment process for the Affordable Care Act, which appeared on the front page of the June issue of NASW News, should have identified NASW member Karen Glazier as a licensed certified social worker.


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The NASW News is not published in August. The advertising deadline for the September issue is Aug. 5.

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JULY 2014
Vol. 59, No. 7

Public article

From the President
New goals, challenges ahead
By Darrell Wheeler, Ph.D., MPH, ACSW

Public article

Social Work Tackles Human Slavery Issue
Sex trafficking of minors a growing concern
By Rena Malai, News Staff

Public article

Social Work in the Public Eye

Members-only article

The Board Takes Action
April 2014

Members-only article

NASW National Conference 2014
Ten awardees to be honored
National, Foundation, Chapter award recipients to be recognized during red-carpet event
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Members-only article

Mental health care gets a boost
ACA mandates that treatment is offered through exchanges
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Members-only article

NASW looks back at civil rights history
Association has supported War on Poverty, Civil Rights Act initiatives for past 50 years
By Rena Malai, News Staff

Members-only article

Child Abuse Prevention Act milestone celebrated at conference
By Rena Malai, News Staff

Members-only article

NASW HIV/AIDS Spectrum Project
Advisory group sets agenda
Committee also meets with White House AIDS policy director
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Members-only article

Theology a natural fit for some social workers
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Members-only article

Kentucky Chapter executive director reaches across state
By Rena Malai, News Staff

Members-only article


Members-only article

Committee focuses on social justice for women
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Members-only article

Social Work in Action

Members-only article

Ron Dellums addresses 2014 graduates

Members-only article

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