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A story in the July issue incorrectly identified Federal Labor Relations Authority Chairperson Carol Waller Pope as a graduate of the Simmons College School of Social Work. She earned a bachelor of arts degree from Simmons, where she studied psychology and education.

Also in that issue, a list reporting results of NASW’s national elections inadvertently included W. Mark Clark as a candidate for secretary. Clark did not run for secretary in this election, but ran for and won the Region XI delegate position, as reported. A corrected list of elections results appears at 2010 NASW Vote.

In a July article about the International Federation of Social Workers general meeting, the name of Suzanne Dworak-Peck was spelled incorrectly, and a caption on page 11 contained the wrong first name for Bernice Harper.


Annual Report Online

NASW's 2009-2010 Annual Report is available online. Contents include:
2010 Social Work Congress
Professional Development
Public Education
Chapter Accomplishments
Grants & Partners


Nominees Sought for Recognition Awards

From Sept. 15 until Oct. 22, NASW and the NASW Foundation will accept nominations for the 2010 National Recognition Awards.

The NASW National Awards, and those who may submit nominations for them, are: Social Worker of the Year — NASW chapters only; Public Citizen of the Year — NASW chapters, individuals and social welfare organizations; Public Elected Official — NASW chapters, members, individuals and social welfare organizations; Lifetime Achievement Award — NASW chapters and individuals. For additional information, visit the NASW Web site or call 202-336-8216. E-mail inquiries may be sent to Governance.

The NASW Foundation awards are the International Rhoda G. Sarnat Award and the Knee/Wittman Health and Mental Health Achievement Awards.

The Sarnat Award is given to an individual, group or organization that has significantly advanced the public image of professional social work. The recipient receives $3,000. The Knee/Wittman Awards are given to individuals and/or groups for outstanding contributions in the field of health and mental health. NASW chapters, individuals and social welfare organizations may nominate candidates for these awards.

For additional information, visit the NASW Foundation Web site or call 202-336-8298. E-mail inquiries may be sent to NASW Foundation.

The deadline for submitting a complete nomination package is Friday, Oct.22, 2010. Late nominations will not be accepted.


Hispanic Heritage Month

NASW Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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From the Director
Welcome Back, Social Work Students

By Elizabeth J. Clark, Ph.D., ACSW, MPH

Palliative Care Social Workers Give Hope, Relief
‘I Kept Thinking There’s Got to Be a Better Way, There’s Got to Be More Support’

Hospice and palliative care organizations want to reorient the medical field to focus on quality and comfort for the chronically ill, rather than prolonging life indefinitely.
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Social Workers From Md., Ind., Calif. Sanctioned
Violations concerning sexual relationships were behind all three sanctions.

Chapter Lauds Veto Override
Conn. Law ‘A Huge Victory for Social Workers’

“We can do a lot when we speak with one voice.”
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

‘We Need to Recruit’
Imperative: Show Profession’s Value

By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

NASW Joins Global Agenda Effort
The agenda highlights four themes that will be refined for the next global conference, in Stockholm in 2012.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Judge Sides with NASW on Prop. 8; Other Briefs Filed
LDF Board Approves Legal Aid for Kansas Licensure Research, Iowa Member’s Appeal

“The decision ... marks a major milestone in our country’s march toward full equality for all.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Membership Survey Forthcoming
“This will help us form our programming for the future. This is our chance to help improve our services.”
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

SPS Wins APEX Award
“The honor goes to everyone who had a hand in” the issue.
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Drug Policy Reform Briefing Focuses on Treatment
‘We’re Wasting Money on Prisons for Political Gain,’ Congressman Argues

“We need to be accepting and respectful that addicts are people, too.”
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

White House Targets 25% Drop in New HIV Infections
NASW’s Spectrum Project Pushes for Holistic Approach to Prevention, Care, Treatment

“Successful treatment begins with ... ‘starting where the client is at.’”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

NASW Board Accepts Membership Changes
Gold Card Category Discontinued

Members who already have achieved Gold Card status will retain the designation.
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Debut Web-Based Book Chat Lets Members ‘Meet’ Authors
“We wanted to partner with NASW Press’s great books that are practice-specific.”
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

New Courses Available
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Spotlighting Native American Issues

PACE Endorses 122 Incumbents
Members Encouraged to Get Involved in Process

“It’s crucial for our members to be engaged in the political process.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Public article

Social Work in the Public Eye

The Board Takes Action
June 2010


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