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Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month

NASW Celebrates Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month


Expanded Membership Services Hours

NASW Membership Services hours have been extended to Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. To reach Membership Services, call 800-742-4089 or e-mail. In addition to phone and e-mail, members can use NASW’s website, for access to members-only resources and information. Members can also update their member profile and change their NASW username and password online. At the site, click “Log In,” enter your NASW username and password, and click “Member Center” to update your e-mail, address, phone number, and mail preferences, and change your username and password.


NASW National Elected Position Vacancies

Vacancies for NASW national elected positions as of June 30, 2011, are:
Board of Directors: Regional representatives (2011-2014): I, II, X, XIII; member-at-large (2011-2014); BSW student member (2011-2013)
National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification: Regional representatives (2011-2014):  I, III, V,  IX.
If you would like to be considered for any of these positions, you must submit a nomination form. The form and position descriptions are available at Governance. To be considered, you must be a current member in good standing. For questions, e-mail.


Standards for Family Caregivers of Older Adults

A draft of the NASW Standards for Social Work Practice with Family Caregivers of Older Adults is available for review and comment throughout the month of June. Please visit the Web page to participate.

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From the President
Social Work: Rich History, Bright Future

By James J. Kelly, Ph.D., ACSW, LCSW

Remembering Dr. Dorothy I. Height, March 24, 1912 – April 20, 2010
‘A One-of-a-Kind American Heroine’

President Barack Obama delivered a passionate eulogy at Dr. Dorothy I. Height’s funeral service.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

The Board Takes Action
April 2010

Social Work Congress Reviews the Profession
‘A Great Opportunity to Address the Challenges’

“I left invigorated and encouraged that the profession is dealing with these complex issues.”
By Paul R. Pace and Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Political Leaders Offer Inspirational Stories
‘Society Needs Social Workers in Good Times as Much as the Bad Ones’

“We provide those in need with hope. We have to speak to people and hear the message.”

By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

400 Take Part in Online Student Social Work Congress
‘The Professors Were Enthusiastic and Really Helped to Make This Event Successful’

“The world is constantly changing and for me, I need to be a part of making change.”
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

NASW Observes LGBT Pride, Touts Advocacy Efforts
Association Targets Ugandan Legislation, Supports Same-Sex Couples’ Rights

“Human rights are universal, regardless of sexual orientation,” said NASW President James J. Kelly.
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Chapter Execs Gather for Annual Leadership Meeting
“Fundamental change ... is essential if we are to stay relevant and effective in the future.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Speakers, Topics Set For Practice Conference
Sessions will examine a variety of topics regarding palliative care.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

NASW Gets UN Foundation Grant
“Family planning and access to ... reproductive health services are basic to meeting family needs.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

NASW Lauds Childhood Obesity Task Force
‘The Scourge Is Falling Disproportionately’ on Minority and Poor Communities

“The task force’s agenda is ambitious but urgent.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Patient Navigation Examined
Summit Aims to Develop Standardized Measures

“Developing common metrics will ensure quality of care for all patients and will clarify the role of social workers.”
By Matthew Malamud, News Staff

Webinars Offered for Teleconferences
It’s important to separate personal and professional profiles and take advantage of privacy control settings.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Salary Survey Released
Report Finds Median Annual Base Pay of $55,000

A strong correlation exists between educational level and compensation for social work practitioners.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

National Awards Presented

Public article

Social Work in the Public Eye

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