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NASW Election This Spring

Ballots for the election of NASW board and nominations committee members will be mailed in April. Online voting will be an option. For the slate and candidates' information: Governance


Women's History Month

NASW Celebrates Women's History Month


Raise Your Profile

Make the National Social Work Public Education Campaign a greater success. Complete a member profile and keep it up-to-date. A key component of the Public Education Campaign is understanding our profession better. We ask that you complete a member profile with us and keep it up-to-date. Online: Go to Member Center, log in, and click on "Modify/Change Your Profile." Phone: Call 800.742.4089.


Apply for the National Provider Identifier

Clinical social workers who are private practitioners, meet the "health care provider" definition under HIPAA, transmit health information electronically or use business associations to transmit information electronically must obtain National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers by May 2007 in order to be reimbursed by third-party payers and to be compliant with HIPAA regulations. Many payers are requesting that providers obtain NPIs up to six months earlier. To apply: click here. To call NASW's NPI hotline: (202) 408-8600, ext. 497.


Taxes and Membership Dues Deductibility

Members who qualify to deduct membership dues payments from income taxes should note the following:
For tax year 2006, 6.96 percent of the annual NASW dues payment is not deductible. The percentage is based on the amount of association lobbying activity in 2006.
For tax planning purposes, the nondeductible portion of the NASW dues payment to be made in tax year 2007 is 7.67 percent.


Nominees Sought for Awards, Scholarships

Nominations are being accepted for the national recognition awards and the NASW Foundation's fellowship and scholarship awards. For details: Recognition awards (or see socialworkers.org); Fellowship, scholarship awards


Send Us Your Book

NASW Press is seeking book proposals. Among other advantages, the Press offers superb editing, attention-getting design, excellent financial arrangements, personal attention, and sales and marketing nationally and internationally. NASW Press adheres to the highest standards of quality in all aspects of book publishing. Send your proposal to NASW Press, 750 First Street, N.E., Suite 700, Washington, DC 20002-4241; (202) 336-8312 (fax); e-mail. For more information: "NASW Press Author Guidelines"


HIPAA Primer

"The HIPAA Security Rule Primer: A Guide for Mental Health Practitioners" is available free from NASW's Legal Defense Fund. The guide examines HIPAA, the security rule, how the rule will affect your practice, compliance documentation, and government enforcement and penalties, among other topics. To download the guide in PDF format: click here

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From the Director
A Time to Invest in Our Future
By Elizabeth J. Clark, Ph.D., ACSW, MPH

Second Careers Lead Many to Social Work
Helping Others Becomes a Priority Later in Life
People are choosing to leave other careers for more personally fulfilling jobs.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Ethics Sanctions Imposed, Lifted
An Iowa social worker is sanctioned for three years for ethics violations.

Month Spotlights Profession
Health Theme Reflects New Initiative's Beginning
Social Work Day at the U.N. will be on March 23.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Health Initiative Starts
The Health Initiative ties in with this year's Social Work Month theme.

Web Portal to Launch
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Hill 100-Hour Bills Relevant to Social Work
NASW contends it is wrong for millions to work full-time and remain in poverty.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

CAN Campaign Joined
The coalition wants to reverse policies that harm poor and middle-class people.

Skills Can Aid State Department
NASW, Agency Discuss Inclusion in Workforce
"The fact that the State Department thinks this profession has something to offer is excellent."

Pledge Fulfilled
Chans Complete $1 Million Gift
The Learning Springboard Endowment promotes school social work.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

New York Parity Law Signed
The law was named after Timothy O'Clair, a boy with an emotional disorder.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Legislators Convene Summit
Social Work Issues Explored at New Mexico Event
A second statewide social work summit will be held in April.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Newest 'InterSections' Examines Depression
Section members can earn free CEUs after reading the bulletin.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Drug Use Report Released
The report represents estimates for 22 measures of substance use or mental health problems.
By Paul R. Pace, News Staff

Teleconference Focuses on Grief
Also to Be Offered Via Streaming Video Webcast
Two NASW members are part of the panel on living with grief.

Mississippi Chapter President Dies at 64
Nowlin had been very involved in the chapter's annual conferences.

Advice Given on Government Programs
NASW provided the Institute of Medicine with information about the association's programs.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Fight Against Medicare-Pay Cut Continues
Some clinical social workers' reimbursements were cut in January.

Children Said at Higher Risk in Red States
The book is available online as a free download.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Workforce Group Gathers

Social Work in the Public Eye

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