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Leaders Sought

Nominations for NASW's 2006 election must reach the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification by Oct. 31, 2005. Tentatively, the committee will meet Dec. 2-3, 2005, to develop the slate of candidates. Positions to be filled include:
Officers: Vice president (2006-09); treasurer (2006-09).
Board of Directors: MSW student (2006-08); regional representatives (2006-09) - Regions III, IV, VII, VIII, IX.
National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (2006-09): Regions IV, VIII, X, XI, XIII.

In recommending nominees, members should bear in mind the following NASW bylaws:
The slate must reflect the ethnic minority distribution, sex distribution, sexual orientation distribution, geographic distribution, students, and special interests of membership. (In order to further implement 1996 bylaws amendments, members' self-identification of sexual orientation is invited on the nomination form.)
At least one board member must be a person whose current, most advanced degree is the baccalaureate.
The candidate for a nominations committee seat who garners the second-highest vote total in an electoral region will be the alternate to the elected committee member.
Current board members whose terms expire next June may be elected to other board positions, but may not succeed themselves in their current positions and may not be elected to a third consecutive board term in any capacity.

Only persons whose names are submitted to the nominations committee by Oct. 31, but are not included in the slate, may be included by petition on the final ballot. For details: Luisa Lopez, NASW, (202) 336-8287


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Updating Tip: Include your e-mail address and receive the NASW e-newsletter Member Link FREE.

1. Go to Member Center
2. Enter your NASW username and password.
3. Go to "Modify/Change Your Profile."
4. Click on "Your Personal Data," then "edit."
5. Update your information, and then click "submit."


World Mental Health Day Is October 10

NASW is cosponsoring World Mental Health Day on October 10, and encourages members to organize or participate in events to raise awareness of and educate people about the importance of addressing mental health concerns. This year's theme is "Mental and Physical Health Across the Lifespan," focusing on increasing the understanding that both mental and physical health are important and interconnected throughout life. For details and materials: World Federation for Mental Health, www.wfmh.com


NCORED Network News Online

NASW's National Committee on Race and Ethnic Diversity has posted the May 2005 edition of "NCORED Network News" on the association's Web site. The issue covers multicultural competence with Asian Indian immigrants, spirituality as a component of the assessment process, how to recruit and retain social workers and other topics. To read the issue in PDF format: NCORED Network News


Attention, NASW Charter Members

If you joined NASW as a Charter Member (before January 1957) and are still a member today, please check the Web site list to make certain that you, or others you know, are included. NASW is making every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the list. Charter Members will receive special recognition throughout the 50th Anniversary year - including in NASW's 50 Years of Leadership commemorative book.


Sanctions in Force Listed Online

NASW adjudicates certain allegations of violations of its Code of Ethics by members, and if violations are found, may impose sanctions. For the current list of sanctions of public notification imposed within the past 10 years that remain in force: Sanctions in Force


"HIPAA Desk Reference" Updated

The NASW Legal Defense Fund's "HIPAA Desk Reference" has been expanded and updated to include information about the new HIPAA Security Standards that became effective in April 2005. The new material includes the text of the security regulations, NASW presentation slides and a Small Practice Security Implementation Guide. For details: Click here



Information about funding available through the 26 federal grant-making agencies is now available online at www.grants.gov. The centralized Web site includes information about available grants, a weekly e-mail alert system and a four-step application submission process. Grant applicants register on the site once and are then able to access and apply for any available grant. Grants available from government agencies include those from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


This Month in Social Work

Faith-Based Initiatives, Homosexuality and Religion, State-Level Advocacy, Advocacy Guide, TANF "Leavers", ADA Decision Tree

Journal of the National Association of Social Workers

Knowledge for Powerful Practice

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From the President
With Much Done, Still More to Do
By Elvira Craig de Silva, DSW, ACSW

End-of-Life Decisions Capture Attention
For Social Workers, the Issues Are Not Unfamiliar
NASW has been a leader on addressing end-of-life issues.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW 50th Anniversary
Looking Back

Summit Addresses End-of-Life Care
Leaders in the field map strategies for the future.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Bill for Medicare-Pay Equity Is Introduced
The bill would fix Congress' Medicare payment blunder.

Consumer Web Site Sees Growth
The consumer Web site will "really fill a major gap."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Social Worker Database Featured
The tool will help consumers find the expertise they are seeking.

Older-Adults Briefing Held
Clinton Introduces Positive Aging Act of 2005
Yagoda said it is important to recognize mental health disorders among the elderly.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

'Social Worker' Label Challenged
Employers should not be able to bestow the title "social worker" as they choose.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Bills Would Update Medicare Payments
Clinical social workers could see a 3.7 percent cut in Medicare payments in 2006.

2005 NASW Vote

Grant Underwrites Course
NASW Web Course to Focus on Older-Adults Work
The online course will target field instructors and their students.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

'Member Link' Providing Connection
NASW encourages members to sign up for the free e-mail alert service.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Campaign to End AIDS Is Endorsed
The campaign will culminate with a march on Oct. 10.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Foster Care Alumni Outcomes Said 'Tenuous'
Foster care alumni suffer from high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

SOS Suicide Program Cosponsored
The cost-effective program can be easily implemented by school social workers.

NASW Press Author Gibelman Dies at 58
She was senior author of What Social Workers Do and Who We Are.

New 'Snapshots' Offer Practice Information
Topics include fall prevention and confidentiality.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Study: Depression Treatment Lacking
The study shows 24 percent of respondents reported depression.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Mixed Views on Electronic Patient Data
Privacy a Concern
One-third of respondents had received information about HIPAA.

Child Welfare Training Partnership Honored
"This is an important milestone for all IV-E training partnerships in this country."
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Getting Pinned

Social Work in the Public Eye


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