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NASW Election

Completed ballots for this spring's NASW leadership election must be received by June 6, 2005. All candidates' information was enclosed with the ballots and is on NASW's Web site. Online voting is an option.


Asian-Pacific American Heritage


Annual Meeting of Members Scheduled

The NASW Annual Meeting of Members will be held at noon on June 24, 2005, in the Board Room of the NASW national office, 750 First Street, N.E., Washington, D.C.


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NASW adjudicates certain allegations of violations of its Code of Ethics by members, and if violations are found, may impose sanctions. For the current list of sanctions of public notification imposed within the past 10 years that remain in force: Sanctions in Force

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From the Director
Celebrating Past, Looking to Future
By Elizabeth J. Clark, Ph.D., ACSW, MPH

Practice, Research Evolve With Epidemic
Profession, NASW Keep Pace With HIV/AIDS Changes
The focus now is not so much on dying, but on living with the disease.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW 50th Anniversary
Looking Back

Social Work Congress Sets Future Course
Social workers gather for a discussion and celebration of the profession.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Gala Celebrates NASW's 50-Year History
The gala emphasized the people and events that helped shape NASW's history.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Public Education Drive's Web Site, Ads Introduced
The goal is to place the ads in a nationally distributed magazine and local publications.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Congress-Goers Assess Opportunities
The survey helps gauge what social work leaders perceive about the profession's state.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Center's Study Sees Labor Force Shortage Looming
The study shows the profession needs to attract more social workers of color.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Gains Scored in Push to Reauthorize TANF
The Senate reauthorization bill would improve services for recipients with disabilities.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Presidential Awardees Named
Charles and Reinherz are recognized in education and research.

Budget Cuts Battled
Budget resolutions cut entitlement spending and increase tax cuts.

IFSW Leader Outlines Plans
"IFSW brings to NASW a very important window on the world."
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Marriage Rights Brief Is Filed
The case involves a 1913 Massachusetts state law.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Aging Conference Session Looks at Caregivers
The presentation focused on social workers' roles with family caregivers.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Impact of Parity to Be Explored
Survey Due May
NASW will survey 500 members in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan region.

2004 Social Worker

Social Work in the Public Eye

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