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NASW Election This Spring

2005 Ballots for the election of NASW board and nominations committee members will be mailed this spring. All candidates' information will be enclosed and will be on NASW's Web site. Online voting will be an option.


Women's History Month

NASW Celebrates Women's History Month


New NASW Sections Coming Soon

Help NASW Specialty Practice Sections choose new sections to create. To vote for the specialty of your choice: Survey


NCORED Network News Online

NASW's National Committee on Race and Ethnic Diversity has posted the January 2005 edition of "NCORED Network News" on the association's Web site. The issue covers NASW's "Cultural Competence Standards," the role of ethnicity in social work, health disparities and institutional discrimination, and other topics. To read the issue in PDF format: NCORED Network News


Sanctions in Force Listed Online

NASW adjudicates certain allegations of violations of its Code of Ethics by members, and if violations are found, may impose sanctions. For the current list of sanctions of public notification imposed within the past 10 years that remain in force: Sanctions in Force


Nominees Sought for Recognition Awards

NASW and the NASW Foundation are accepting nominations through April 15, 2005, for the 2005 National Recognition Awards. The awards include:
NASW - Social Worker of the Year, Public Citizen of the Year, Public Elected Official, Lifetime Achievement Award.
Foundation - International Rhoda G. Sarnat Award, Knee/Wittman Health and Mental Health Achievement Awards.


Foundation Offers Scholarship, Research Awards

The NASW Foundation is accepting applications through March 31, 2005, for its 2005-2006 fellowships, scholarships and research awards: Jane B. Aron Doctoral Fellowship; Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship; Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial MSW Scholarships; Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial MSW Scholarship; Ruth Fizdale Award. For details: Web site; e-mail; (202) 408-8600, ext. 504


Taxes and Membership Dues Deductibility

Members who qualify to deduct membership dues payments from income taxes should note the following:
For tax year 2004, 11.74 percent of the annual NASW dues payment is not deductible. The percentage is based on the amount of lobbying activity in 2004.
For tax planning purposes, the nondeductible portion of the NASW dues payment to be made in tax year 2005 is 11.56 percent.

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From the Director
Take Time to Remember Mentors
By Elizabeth J. Clark, Ph.D., ACSW, MPH

Children With Disabilities: A Family Affair
Working With Families Is a 'Dance of Partnership'
Parents and siblings must be considered as part of the process of adjusting to disabilities.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW 50th Anniversary
Looking Back

Drive to Educate Public Starts
Universities join the Social Work Public Education Campaign.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Consumer Web Site Set
Members will have an opportunity to submit content to the new site.

Postage Stamp Advocated
Social work is one of few professions yet to be honored with a stamp.

Joint Statement Issued on Tsunami's Effects
The statement expresses support for those affected by the disaster.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Members React to Tsunami Disaster
Social Workers, Students See Devastation in Sri Lanka and India
"Social workers recognize the importance of thinking globally."
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Children's Issues Help Win Election
Edwards' focus on children's issues may serve as a model for future campaigns.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

U.S. Mint Unveils Duplicates of Height Medal
Height was a leading civil rights activist and pioneer in the social work field.

Class-Action Settlement Is Reached
The lawsuit involves CIGNA and 12 other managed care companies.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Court Reverses Foster Care Decision
NASW Filed Brief Challenging Removal From Lesbian Caregiver
The brief asked the court to focus on what the child would lose if removed.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Board Adopts Legislative Agenda for 2005
Priorities include protecting Medicaid, Social Security and other entitlement programs.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

NASW Gearing Up to Fight GOP-Led Budget Cuts
Early mobilization will be key in budget battles.

State House Issues Report on Human Rights Standards
"There was testimony by people directly affected by the conditions of poverty."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Presentation Highlights Genetics Work
Social workers more sensitized to genetics issues can better assist their clients.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Insurance Trust Hires Director
Benedetto has experience managing insurance membership programs.

Social Workers Leading VA Transition Project
The program helps patients and families with the transition to VA care.

Drug Use Among Teens Has Declined
Rates of painkiller use have risen among youth.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Children Not Accessing Available State Services
Most children with mental health problems do not use mental health services.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Dementia Patients' Care Lacking
Dementia's unpredictable course complicates end-of-life care decisions.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Social Work in the Public Eye

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