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NASW News is not published in August. The deadline for September News advertising is Aug. 5.


Leaders Sought

Nominations for the association's spring 2005 election, including nominees for NASW president-elect, must reach the National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification by Oct. 29, 2004. The committee will meet Dec. 3-4, 2004, to develop the slate of candidates. Positions to be filled include the following:

Board of Directors: Member-at-large (2005-08); BSW student member (2005-08); regional representatives (2005-08) - Regions I, II, X, XIII.
National Committee on Nominations and Leadership Identification (2005-08): Regions II, III, V, IX.

In recommending nominees, members should bear in mind the following NASW bylaws:

The slate must reflect the ethnic minority distribution, sex distribution, sexual orientation distribution, geographic distribution, students, and special interests of membership. (In order to further implement 1996 bylaws amendments, members' self-identification of sexual orientation is invited on the nomination form.)
At least one board member must be a person whose current, most advanced degree is the baccalaureate.
The candidate for a nominations committee seat who garners the second-highest vote total in an electoral region will be the alternate to the elected committee member.
Current board members whose terms expire next June may be elected to other board positions, but may not succeed themselves in their current positions and may not be elected to a third consecutive board term in any capacity.

Only persons whose names are submitted to the nominations committee by Oct. 29, but are not included in the slate, may be included by petition on the final ballot. For details: (202) 336-8287


This Month in Social Work

Teen Substance Use, Harm Reduction, Methamphetamine, Medicare Prescription Drugs, Hospice Outcomes, Dementia, Children of AIDS, Case Advocacy

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From the Director
Use the Web Site to Stay Current
By Elizabeth J. Clark, Ph.D., ACSW, MPH

Collaborating With Faith-Based Services
Groups Are Capable Providers, Have Some Limits
Faith-based organizations have a long tradition of providing social services.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

De Silva Wins Vote for President
She will assume NASW's presidency in July 2005.

2004 NASW Vote

End to Iraq Prisoner Abuse Demanded
Bailey urges Congress to take "decisive steps" to stop abuse.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

End of Life Care Subject of New Course
NASW WebEd launches a second free online course.

Bailey Urges Action at 16th AIDS Conference
NASW members lobbied for the Ryan White CARE Act.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Commission Urges Foster Care Reforms
The report addresses foster care financing and judicial oversight.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

NASW Kicks Off 2004 Voter Registration Drive
"This voter registration drive will help us elect people who are more amenable to our issues."

Indiana Rejects Restricted Psychology Tests
The rule would have restricted use of many common assessment tools.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

AIDS Case Management Group Set
NASW is the only non-governmental organization in the workgroup.

IDEA Gains, Parity Pushed
The push for mental health parity continues.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Social Worker Helps Soldiers Cope
U.S. Army Major Deployed in Iraq Offers Support to the Troops
The social work perspective helps when providing services in Iraq.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Practice Updates Released
The association also has issued "Notes from the Field" in six areas.

NASW Partners on Free Cancer Survival Toolbox
The 10 audio programs offer users practical tools for coping with cancer.

Electronic Records Explored
The electronic system would be "clear win" for providers and consumers.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

State Budget Crises Affect Benefits
States were more willing to aggressively cut health care programs in 2004.
By Katy O'Grady, Special to NASW News

Russian Group Making Progress
Social work practice has changed dramatically in Russia over the last two decades.
By Sheryl Fred, News Staff

Social Work in the Public Eye

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