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Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

NASW Celebrates Gay and Lesbian Pride Month


New at NASW Online

Service Codes for Reimbursement: A new Clinical Social Work Practice Update explains the place of service codes required on claim form CMS-1500 when seeking reimbursement from third-party payers.
Gerontological Social Work Research: New Web pages give important information about gerontological social work research.
HIV/AIDS Pandemic Response: A new Health Practice Update explains NASW's efforts to prepare the profession to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic through continuing education and training.


Health Leadership

Nominations are being accepted for 10 $120,000 Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Program Awards. The program seeks out individuals who have the leadership skills to overcome complex obstacles and find creative ways to bring health care services to their communities. Candidates should be working at the grass-roots level, have received no significant national recognition and have no less than five and no more than 15 years of community health experience.

Nominators must submit the program's letter of intent by Sept. 22, 2004. For more information or to download the letter of intent, visit the Web site or call the program office at (617) 426-9772.


ADHD and Genes

The National Institutes of Health are conducting a nationwide study to identify specific genes that contribute to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Participating families must have at least two children, and at least one with ADHD (between the ages of 7 and 17). No travel is required for this study. Participants will receive study-related tests at no cost. Participation may help in developing a new treatment for ADHD. Call (800) 411-1222; TTY (866) 411-1010.

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From the President
A Challenging, Rewarding Year
By Gary Bailey, MSW

Teamwork Key in Managing Medication
Social Workers' Role Vital in Promoting Adherence
Not adhering to prescription regimens has been called "the nation's other drug problem."
By Peter Slavin, Special to NASW News

NASW Joins Historic Women's March
NASW's Board of Directors endorsed the march during its October 2003 meeting.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Child Welfare Survey Shows Job Satisfaction
"The optimism and hope of many of the survey answers surprised us."

Association Will Study Labor Force
The study's final results will be used to help develop a social work action plan for the next decade.

Social Work Month 2004 Marked Across the Nation
The National Mental Health Information Center posted a feature on its Web site.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW Backs Federal Budget Changes
An amendment would require Congress to pay for new tax cuts or new spending.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Program Targets Alcohol Use by Pre-Teens
"Even a small amount of alcohol can damage a young brain."

Web Course on Cancer a Big Draw
"Take the course and pass it on."

Work With Alzheimer's Crucial
"A social work assessment is critical for this population."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Focusing on the Solution
School Social Workers Develop a Model Program
"This is taking the best education practices and putting them in action."
By Katy O'Grady, Special to NASW News

2004 Social Work Day Examines U.N. Goals
"We operate in a global environment."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW at NABSW Conference

Social Work in the Public Eye

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