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NASW President-Elect Candidates Q&A

Find out the president-elect candidates' views. Ballots for the NASW board and nominations committee election will be mailed in April. All candidates' information will be enclosed and will be posted at socialworkers.org. To vote online, use the PIN number from your paper ballot.


Recognition Awards

NASW and the NASW Foundation are accepting nominations through April 16, 2004, for the 2004 National Recognition Awards.

Awards include Social Worker of the Year, Public Citizen of the Year, Public Elected Official, Lifetime Achievement Award, International Rhoda G. Sarnat Award and Knee/Wittman Health and Mental Health Achievement Awards.

For nomination forms: click here


This Month In Social Work

Social Work in Film, Public's Perception, Welfare Barriers, Leaving TANF, Low-Income Fathers, Whistleblowing, Relational Spirituality, Religious Conservatism, Gender Salary Inequity

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From the President
Respecting the Right to Choose
By Gary Bailey, MSW

Tragedies Spark Worker-Safety Awareness
Many Think Client Violence 'Won't Happen Here'
Violence or threats of violence are reasonably common for social workers during their careers.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Technology Is Focus of New Initiative
"Attention to the ways technology affects practice becomes more important every day."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Social Work Awakening to Technology
In education, advocacy and direct services, many are keeping pace with emerging technology.

Law Note Examines Work Issues
The document includes information on discrimination and pay equity.

Q&A: Candidates for NASW President-Elect

HIPAA Discussions Slated
Privacy regulations, electronic transactions and other topics will be covered.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

NASW Presents at CSWE Meeting
A session on building a social work image campaign looked at challenges facing the profession.

Giddens Named HHS Primary-Care Fellow
Fellows will be trained on primary health care policy.

Prevention Model Used for Domestic Violence
Prevention at the societal, community, relationship and individual levels is the aim.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Insurance Benefit Expanded
Most injuries occur outside the workplace.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Chapters Defending Profession
Fights Being Waged on Licensing, Classification
The proposed changes don't serve the public's best interest, chapters say.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Testing Restriction Fought
Social workers would be denied use of common instruments unless supervised by psychologists.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Tax Could Benefit Mental Health
Funding for mental health services could amount to $600 million.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

DOT Providers Must Pass an Examination
Eight million people in safety-sensitive transportation functions fail drug or alcohol tests.

Social Work in the Public Eye

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