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From the President
Inside Social Work Summit II
By Terry Mizrahi, MSW, Ph.D.

NASW Member Plays Key Part in Training
Refugees to Help Rebuild Ravaged Land
"To return, people needed to know how to prepare," Ross-Sheriff says.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Summit Sparks Talks on Cooperation
Forty-two social work organizations recommit to working together.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Practitioners Surveyed
The results are highly characteristic of NASW's 100,136 regular members.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

Incomes Increase

Private Sector Employs Most Members
Only about one-quarter of social workers work in the public sector.

Nearly All Members Linked to Internet
Only 3 percent of NASW members lack access to the Web.

Substance Abuse Involvement Increases
Mood Disorders and Anxiety Were the Most Common Diagnoses
Three in four respondents took actions related to substance abuse.

Clients Differ for Agencies, Private Practice
Private practitioners see more clients who are female and white.

Membership Profile Sees Little Change
The median age of the NASW membership is 50.

Hundreds Join NASW Via Internet
Those who meet all membership criteria can instantly access the members-only Web site.

NASW Moves on Gerontology Initiative
"We will all be working with aging people as the baby boomers age," Clark says.
By John V. O'Neill, MSW, News Staff

107th Congress 'Inconclusive'
Some budget cuts in areas of concern to NASW are expected in the new Congress.

Most PACE Candidates Win Races
PACE worked with chapters to strengthen their participation in the election.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Faith-Based Contracts Order Meets Resistance
The association seeks prohibition of discrimination in employment and services.

Governors Pressed on Child Welfare
"Severe labor shortages make it difficult" for agencies to meet society's expectations.
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Speaker Is Set for Gala
Child welfare social workers will be honored.

Policy Associate Tackles Trauma, Suicide
Zinn will eye projects for "direct relevance for practitioners."

Clark Appointed to National Dialogue on Cancer
"This is where many health care social work services will be needed."

Rep. Lee Is Elected Caucus Whip
The California social worker calls for unity "in the face of a Republican majority."

'Social Worker' Misuse Protested
The reporter "had no idea what the words 'social worker' refer to."
By Lyn Stoesen, News Staff

Coalition to Respond to Homeland Terrorism
The initiative is fully supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Social Work in the Public Eye

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