Social Workers in State and Local Office

AK Betty Davis D State Legislature K F BSW African American
AZ Celeste Plumlee D State Legislature 26 F MSW Caucasian
AZ Paul Cunningham D City/Municipal 2 M MSW Caucasian
AZ Katie Hobbs D State Legislature 24 F BSW, MSW Caucasian
AZ Pete Rios D County/Borough 1 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
AZ Kyrsten Sinema D Congress 9 F BSW, MSW Caucasian
AZ Ralph Varela D City/Municipal M MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Fernando Armenta D County/Borough 1 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Ruth Atkin D City/Municipal F MSW Caucasian
CA John Avalos D County/Borough 11 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Susan Davis D Congress 53 F MSW Caucasian
CA Susan Eggman D State Legislature 13 F MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Monica Garcia D School Board Area 2 F MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Genoveva Garcia-Calloway D City/Municipal F MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Jorge Gonzalez D School Board Area 1 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
CA Cheryl Heitmann D City/Municipal Area 2 F MSW Caucasian
CA Barbara Lee D Congress 13 F MSW African American
CA Victor Manalo D City/Municipal 49 M MSW Asian/Pacific
CA David Mineta D Other M MSW Asian/Pacific
CA Nayin Nahabedian D School Board 43 F MSW Other
CA Bill Rosendahl D City/Municipal 11 M MSW Caucasian
CA Al Rowlett D School Board Area 7 M MSW African American
CA Ann Tanner School Board F MSW Caucasian
CA Tony Thurmond D City/Municipal 15 M MSW African American
CA Clark Williams D County/Borough 6 M MSW Caucasian
CA Mariko Yamada D State Legislature 8 F MSW Asian/Pacific
CO Tracy Kraft-Tharp D State Legislature 29 F MSW Caucasian
CO Judy Montero D City/Municipal 9 F MSW Hispanic/Latino
CO Jonathan Singer D State Legislature 11 M MSW, BSW Caucasian
CT Julie Cooper Altman D School Board 5 F MSW
CT Lucille Brown School Board Windsor F MSW
CT David Burgess D City/Municipal Middlefield M MSW Caucasian
CT Diane Cady D City/Municipal Westport F MSW Caucasian
CT Steve Cassano D State Legislature 4 M MSW Caucasian
CT Christopher Donovan D State Legislature 84 M MSW Caucasian
CT Toni Edmunds-Walker D State Legislature 93 F MSW African American
CT Glen Gemma D School Board M MSW Caucasian
CT Rick Lopes D State Legislature 24 M MSW Caucasian
CT Mary Jane Lundgren D City/Municipal New Milford F MSW Caucasian
CT Christopher Lyddy D State Legislature 106 M MSW Caucasian
CT Edith Prague D State Legislature 19 F MSW Caucasian
CT Pedro Segarra D City/Municipal Hartford M MSW Hispanic/Latino
CT Kim Shepardson Watson D School Board Groton F MSW
CT Robert J. Wolf D City/Municipal M MSW
DC Tommy Wells D City/Municipal 6 M MSW Caucasian
DE Ted Blunt D City/Municipal Wilmington M MSW African American
FL Suzanne Gunzburger D County/Borough 6 F MSW Caucasian
FL Steve Kornell D City/Municipal 5 M MSW Caucasian
FL John Legg Reform State Legislature 46 M BSW Caucasian
FL Diane Scott School Board 1 F MSW, DSW Caucasian
GA Pam Stephenson D State Legislature 92 F MSW African American
GA Renee Unterman R State Legislature 45 F BSW Caucasian
GA Evelyn Winn Dixon D City/Municipal Riverdale F MSW African American
HI  Haunani Apoliona I County/Borough F MSW Asian/Pacific
HI Ryan Yamane D State Legislature 37 M MSW Asian/Pacific
IA James Anderson D Human Rights Commission Chair M MSW Caucasian
IA Martha Anderson D State Legislature 36 F MSW Caucasian
IA Mark Cowan School Board Carlisle M MSW
IA Joni Dittmer R School Board North Scott F MSW Caucasian
IA Joel Fry R State Legislature 95 M MSW
IA Susan Kosche Vallem City/Municipal Waverly F MSW Caucasian
IA Rebecca Schmitz D County/Borough Jefferson County F MSW Caucasian
IA Mark Smith D State Legislature 43 M MSW Caucasian
ID Cherie Buckner-Webb D State Legislature 19 F MSW African American
IL John Del Genio I School Board #72 & #807 M MSW Caucasian
IL Lori DeYoung D County/Borough 2-VC F PhD Caucasian
IL Kenneth Dunkin D State Legislature 5 M MSW African American
IL Luis Gutierrez D Congress 4 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
IL Jane Herron D School Board 502 F MSW Caucasian
IL Christine Radogno R State Legislature 41 F MSW Caucasian
IL Susan Rose City/Municipal Elmhurst F MSW, PhD Caucasian
IL Edie Sutker I City/Municipal Skokie F MSW Caucasian
IN Oliver Davis D City/Municipal South Bend M MSW African American
IN Joe Micon I State Legislature 26 M MSW Caucasian
IN Gail Riecken D State Legislature 77 F BSW Caucasian
KS Robert Byers School Board Lawrence M African American
KS Becky Fast City/Municipal Roeland Park F MSW Caucasian
KS Vanessa Sanborn School Board Lawrence F Caucasian
KY Shevawn Akers City/Municipal 2 F MSW Caucasian
KY Diane Lawless City/Municipal 3 F BSW; MSW Caucasian
KY Tina Ward-Pugh D City/Municipal 9 F MSW Caucasian
KY Jim Wayne D State Legislature 35 M MSW Caucasian
KY Susan Westrom D State Legislature 79 F MSW Caucasian
LA Carolyn Hill D School Board F MSW African American
LA LaVonya Malveaux D City/Municipal Village of Palmetto F BSW African American
MA Michael Ashe N/A County/Borough Hampden M MSW Caucasian
MA Sally Bleiberg N/A City/Municipal Belmont F BSW, MSW Caucasian
MA Henrietta Davis D City/Municipal Cambridge F MSW Caucasian
MA Susan Falkoff D City/Municipal Watertown F MSW Caucasian
MA Sheila Harrington R State Legislature 1 F BSW Caucasian
MA Denise Hurst D School Board Springfield F MSW African American
MA Johnathan Lothrop D City/Municipal Ward 5 M MSW Caucasian
MA Alison Malkin City/Municipal F MSW Caucasian
MA Marc McGovern D School Board Cambridge M MSW Caucasian
MA Jennifer McKenna N/A City/Municipal 8 F MSW Caucasian
MA Sarai Rivera D City/Municipal 4 F MSW Puerto Rican
MA Karen Spilka D State Legislature 2 F BSW Caucasian
MA Niki Tsongas D Congress 3 F Caucasian
MA Judy Zabin N/A City/Municipal 1 F MSW Caucasian
MD Melony Griffith D State Legislature 25 F MSW African American
MD Barbara Mikulski D Congress Maryland F MSW Caucasian
ME Michael Brennan D City/Municipal Portland M MSW, BSW Caucasian
ME Adam Goode D State Legislature 127 M MSW Caucasian
ME Joyce McCreight D State Legislature 51 F Caucasian
ME Melanie Sachs D City/Municipal Freeport F MSW, BSW Caucasian
ME Charlotte Warren D State Legislature 84 F Caucasian
MI Theresa Abed D State Legislature 71 F MSW, BSW Caucasian
MI Terry Brown D State Legislature 81 M MSW, BSW Caucasian
MI Marcia Hovey-Wright D State Legislature 92 F MSW, BSW Caucasian
MI Barbara Levin Bergman D County/Borough 8 F MSW, BSW Caucasian
MI Debbie Stabenow D Congress Michigan F MSW Caucasian
MI Jacquelin E. Washington School Board F MSW African American
MN Lawrence Hosch D State Legislature 14B M MSW Caucasian
MN Sheldon Johnson D State Legislature 67B M BSW Caucasian
MN Rafael Ortega D County/Borough 5 M MSW, BSW Hispanic/Latino
NC Alan Beck School Board Davidson County M BSW
NC Donna Bell City/Municipal Chapel Hill F MSW African American
NC MaryAnn Black County/Borough Durham F MSW
NC Jaquelyn Gist N/A City/Municipal Carrboro F MSW Caucasian
NC Michelle Johnson City/Municipal Carrboro F MSW African American
NC Graig Meyer D State Legislature 50 M MSW
NC Paige Sayles School Board Franklin County F MSW
NC John I. Steele City/Municipal Cleveland M MSW Caucasian
NC Tom Stevens City/Municipal Hillsborough M MSW Caucasian
ND Tim Mathern D State Legislature 11 M MSW Caucasian
NE Kate Bolz D State Legislature 29 F MSW Caucasian
NH James MacKay R State Legislature 39 M DSW Caucasian
NJ Sheila Oliver D State Legislature 34 F MSW African American
NM Mary Jane Garcia D State Legislature 36 F Hispanic/Latino
NV Teresa Benitez-Thompson D State Legislature 27 F MSW Hispanic/Latino
NV Carolyn Edwards I School Board Clark County F MSW Caucasian
NV David Humke R County/Borough Washoe M MSW Caucasian
NV Annie Wilson I School Board 2 F MSW African American
NY Patricia Eddington D State Legislature 3 F MSW Caucasian
NY Earlene Hill Hooper D State Legislature 18 F MSW African American
NY Fran Knapp D County/Borough Dutchess County F Caucasian
NY Henrietta Lodge School Board F MSW
NY Vito Lopez D State Legislature 53 M MSW Hispanic/Latino
NY Katharine O'Connel D City/Municipal Syracuse F MSW Caucasian
NY Angela Petty D County/Borough 3 F MSW Caucasian
NY Joseph Sanfiliippo D City/Municipal 4 M MSW Caucasian
OH Jacqueline Bird City/Municipal Marblehead F BSW Caucasian
OH Patricia Britt D City/Municipal 6 F BSW African American
OH Thomas West D City/Municipal Canton M MSW African American
OH Tina Wozniak D County/Borough Toledo F MSW Caucasian
OR Joseph Gallegos State Legislature
OR William Shields D State Legislature 43 M MSW Caucasian
OR Carolyn Tomei D State Legislature 41 F MSW Caucasian
PA William Amesbury D County/Borough Luzerne County M MSW Caucasian
PA John Blake D State Legislature 22 M MSW Caucasian
PA Diane Ellis-Marsegila D County/Borough F MSW Caucasian
PA Maria Weidinger D City/Municipal Plymouth Township F MSW Caucasian
RI Michael Burk D School Board Tiverton M MSW Caucasian
RI Maria Cimini D State Legislature 7 F MSW Caucasian
RI Gary Cournoyer D City/Municipal Jamestown M MSW Caucasian
RI Stephen Mueller D School Board M MSW Caucasian
RI Roger Picard D State Legislature 20 M MSW Caucasian
RI Michael Reeves D School Board 5 M MSW Caucasian
RI Rita Williams City/Municipal 2 F MSW Caucasian
SC Gilda Cobb-Hunter D State Legislature 66 F MSW African American
SC Jim Manning D County/Borough 8 M MSW Caucasian
SD Joni Cutler R State Legislature 14 F BSW Caucasian
TN Dr. Carol B. Berz City/Municipal 6 F MSW Caucasian
TN Michelle Holt-Horton School Board McKenzie Special School District F MSW Caucasian
TN Joe Pitts D State Legislature 67 M BSW Caucasian
TX Sylvia Garcia D County/Borough 2 F BSW Mexican American
TX Elliott Naishtat D State Legislature 49 M MSW Caucasian
UT Francis D. Gibson R State Legislature 65 M MSW Caucasian
UT Sandra Hollins D State Legislature 23 F MSW African American
UT Christine Passey D State Legislature 44 F BSW Caucasian
VA James Fitzsimmons School Board 4 M MSW Caucasian
VT Janet Ancel D State Legislature 6 F MSW Caucasian
VT Diane Bugbee D School Board South Burlington F MSW Caucasian
VT Sandra Dooley D City/Municipal South Burlington F MSW Caucasian
VT Michael Fisher D State Legislature Addision-4 M MSW Caucasian
VT Ann Denison Pugh D State Legislature South Burlington F MSW Caucasian
VT Sarah Kunz Robinson D City/Municipal Winooski F MSW Caucasian
WA Mary Lou Dickerson D State Legislature 36 F MSW Caucasian
WA Connie Ladenburg D State Legislature 29 F MSW Caucasian
WA Tina Orwall D State Legislature 33 F MSW Caucasian
WA Eric Pettigrew D State Legislature 37 M MSW African American
WI Tamara Grigsby D State Legislature 18 F MSW African American
WI Mark Schmitt County/Borough Rusk County M MSW Caucasian
WI Nick Smiar D County/Borough Eau Claire M PhD Caucasian
WV Cathy Gatson D County/Borough Kanawha County F MSW Caucasian
WV Becky Jones Jordan School Board Kanawha F MSW Caucasian
WV Robert Musick D City/Municipal Star City M MSW Caucasian
WV John David Smith City/Municipal Athens M MSW Caucasian
WY Georgia Broyles City/Municipal III F MSW Caucasian
WY Floyd Esquibel D State Legislature 44 M MSW, BSW Hispanic/Latino
WY Jerry Iekel R State Legislature 29 M MSW, BSW Caucasian
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