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TITLE: Manager, Chapter Operations
Pay Level: IX (Exempt)
DIVISION: Operations/Chapter Operations

Posted: 8/2/2017
Position: #1419


With the Deputy Director of Chapter Operations, promotes NASW as one Association represented at the state/local level by the chapters and on the national level by the NASW office in Washington, DC. Provides managerial guidance and support and administrative oversight to assigned chapters to ensure the effectiveness of the Association's chapters, consistent with Association goals of advancing sound social policy, protecting and supporting social workers and the social work profession, and meeting established business and financial objectives. Serves as a primary contact and principal liaison between the chapter leadership and the national office, working with chapter presidents and chapter executive directors on a variety of projects and initiatives. Ensures that chapters receive the support required to execute programs successfully at the local level while also ensuring that chapters maintain compliance with established Association bylaws, chapter charters, policies and procedures. Provides training and technical assistance as needed to chapters. Serves as a member of the NASW management team.

  1. Contributes to the development of goals, objectives, and strategies for Chapter Operations. Contributes to the monitoring and evaluation of the department's performance in carrying out goals, objectives and work plans.
  2. Contributes to the development of operating procedures for chapters consistent with NASW bylaws, chapter charters, and established Association policies and procedures.
  3. Establishes reporting systems and controls to allow timely and effective identification of potential issues relating to assigned chapters.
  4. Monitors, evaluates and supports adherence of assigned chapters to established policies and procedures, ensuring that assigned chapters are in compliance with required Association bylaws, chapter charters, chapter standards, and NASW policies and procedures.
  5. Works with assigned chapters in ensuring participation and in monitoring results of chapter participation in collaborative Association campaigns and initiatives.
  6. Conducts chapter visits and maintains communication with the chapter executive directors and chapter leadership in order to stay abreast of the unique opportunities and challenges of chapters, to synthesize opportunities for chapter partnerships and cross-chapter collaboration, and to strengthen the alignment between national and chapter operations so as to achieve maximum impact for members across the Association.
  7. Works with assigned chapters to facilitate achievement of chapter financial goals, including participation in the review of the annual chapter budget with the Finance Department.
  8. Ensures that assigned chapters receive necessary communications, technical assistance, financial consultation, and leadership training. Oversees consultation with staff at the National Office regarding their interaction with chapters in the areas of business services, marketing, membership recruitment and retention, financial and accounting operations, and human resources. Manages monthly and quarterly calls with chapters and contributes to maintenance of chapter membership rosters, chapter information requests and various chapter documents.
  9. Manages internal meetings with chapter leadership and staff, including but not limited to the Council of Chapter Executives (COCE) and Council of Chapter Presidents (COCP) Steering Committees, the Delegate Assembly Planning Task Force, and the Member and Chapters Relations Committee (MCRC), and its Chapter Development Fund (CDF) Subcommittee. Includes pertinent analysis as needed relating to a wide range of subjects, including the Chapter Development Fund.
  10. Manages association meetings and conferences including Delegate Assemblies and Association Leadership Meetings. Interacts with vendors as needed in the negotiation of products and/or services, including review and negotiation of vendor contracts. Includes managing staff assigned for meeting planning responsibilities, including site selection, travel and hotel reservations, meeting room requirements, food and beverage, and contracts with speakers, hotels, convention and visitors' bureaus.
  11. Manages the selection and administration of programs for professional development and training for chapter leadership, management and staff as applicable.
  12. Assists in the selection of key chapter personnel, including managing the search for a new Executive Director when vacancies occur in an assigned chapter. Participates in the revision of executive director employment contracts for assigned chapters as needed. Assists the Deputy Director of Chapter Operations with chapter Executive Director performance evaluations as assigned.
  13. Mediates conflicts between chapter staff and volunteer leadership.
  14. Assists in resolving chapter human resources and employee relations issues, including the legal settlement of these issues.
  15. Responsible for the successful execution of assigned special projects.
  16. Other duties as assigned.

  1. Requires 7-10 years of prior related work experience, preferably in an association or non-profit management capacity.
  2. Prior experience in an organization with chapters or field operations is highly desired.
  3. Requires a bachelor's degree in a related field; a degree in social work and/or business administration is preferred.
  4. Must possess a thorough knowledge of issues affecting social workers and the social work profession.
  5. Must possess strong analytical skills, with a demonstrated track record of program and financial management experience; prior budget responsibility preferred.
  6. Must have the ability to travel to chapter locations throughout the United States and territories.
  7. Must possess strong interpersonal skills, including experience managing strategic organizational change initiatives.
  8. Requires strong written and oral communication skills.
  9. Must be able to interact effectively with some wide strata of personnel and volunteer leaders, exhibiting a persuasive, collaborative, cooperative and flexible work style and the ability to adapt to situations as necessary.
  10. Must have basic proficiency with office products software, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  11. Must maintain confidentiality/privacy relating to personnel, financial and other proprietary information.
  12. Must possess strong administrative ability, including the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.

  1. Results driven:  He/she sees the big picture, develops and monitors key performance metrics, and takes appropriate risks so as to produce the desired results. He/she is not content with simply maintaining the status quo.
  2. Strong business acumen:  He/she sees opportunities and emerging trends, and is knowledgeable about the operations, unique needs, and goals specific to member-driven, not-for-profit organizations. He/she sets priorities wisely and knows how to make tough resource allocation decisions, always finding a way to forward strategic initiatives. This individual knows how to translate strategy into action and enjoys solving tactical and process problems to meet strategic goals.
  3. Firm and fair leadership:  He/she will work with a wide range of staff, colleagues, and members, requiring a firm, fair, and flexible style that both complements the efforts and supports the needs of others.
  4. Partnership: This individual is able to build trust internally and externally and must be viewed as highly professional, discreet, and accountable.
  5. Organizational agility:  He/she has a thoughtful, respectful communication style that fosters an open environment, enabling thought-provoking discussions and collaborative decision making.
  6. Perceptive: He/she is creative and intuitively recognizes opportunities and takes appropriate action.

  7. Please submit your cover letter and resume with the position announcement number #1419 to: The Office of Human Resources at

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