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Loan Forgivness Homepage

Feel like you’re giving back to your community but your student loans are sinking your quality of life?

Read what others are saying about this issue and tell us your story. Your story can help influence our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to secure loan forgiveness for social workers.

“I currently have a large loan from SUNY Buffalo School of Social Work. I graduated in 1995 concentrating in child welfare. I still pay $206 per month for my consolidated loans and will be paying that for years to come. I worked in child welfare for over 7 years and now make slightly more in a home-based mental health setting, which still feels a lot like child welfare. I am also 56, handicapped, single but divorced with three grown children and with no savings for the future. I consider myself in poor financial shape and fear my old age for financial reasons.”

“I hear a lot of upcoming social workers stating that they do not want to continue in the program due to the high expenses of college and the low pay that is offered in this profession. I have often encouraged fellow social workers to remember how rewarding this field is in so many other ways.”

“I wanted to express my great disappointment when I tried to have my substantial loan (over $10,000) forgiven last year (I was working as a school social worker in Special Education for the 5th year) and all inquiries I made ran into dead ends. I am certainly interested in seeing any loan forgiveness program, and I wish that school social workers would be included, and the program would be retroactive.
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