NASW Policy Statement on Poverty and Economic Justice - (From Social Work Speaks: Available Online Sept 17 - Sept 30, 2010)

Global Hunger Challenge (9/10/2010)

Endorsement of Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America by Catholic Charities USA
NASW has become a partner in the Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America

LCCR Poverty Campaign
Given the increasing number of Americans living in poverty during recent decades, the idea of reducing poverty seems like an insurmountable challenge. But several organizations have come together with a strategy to move the country toward the achievable goal of cutting poverty in half in ten years by motivating the public and encouraging change at every level of government.

Social Work Speaks:  Poverty
Social work has an extensive history of addressing poverty at the individual, community and national levels. In fact, one of the six ethical principles guiding social workers—working for social justice—cites poverty as a primary problem.

Social and Economic Justice and Peace:  Sections
Ideal for social workers committed to strengthening and empowering the impoverished and the indigent, and for social workers committed to economic and social justice ideals, including fairness, equity, and equality Examples of areas of service: outreach, community development, program development and evaluation, community practice, case management, conflict resolution, grassroots mobilization, lobbying, public awareness efforts.


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